Internal Competitions 2008-2009.

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Competition Hand in Subject
First Quarterly Competition Oct 2nd 2008 Nature
Second Quarterly Competition Dec 4th 2008 Smoke
Third Quarterly Competition Jan 29th 2009 Orange
Fourth Quarterly Competition Mar 26th 2009 Movement
Battle of the Sexes Thurs Dec 11th 2008
AV Competition Thurs Nov 20th 2008 Digital Audio-Visual Sequences
Triptych Competition Thurs Mar 12th 2009 A Panel of 3 prints or digital images
Digital Knockout Competition Fri Oct 17th 2008 Venue : The Shippon, Breck Road, Poulton
4-way Slide & Digital Battle Thurs Nov 19th 2008 Host club : Garstang C C
Joint Fylde Print & Slide Battle Fri Feb 20th 2009 Venue : The Shippon, Breck Road, Poulton

Definition of Natural History (Specialist Subject) Images must be an accurate representation of the species or subject matter. Titles must be specific and correct. Creatures are expected to be alive and free in the wild - not domesticated or in zoos. If controlled conditions are used this should be declared - with the exception of micro or macro detail. Geology, weather, climatology, and ecology are permissible but should be accurately titled to show their significance in the natural world.
Derivations, or any form of manipulation that alters the truth of the photographic statement, are ineligible.

Nature subjects are generally less scientific in their presentation: eg there is no need for latin names in their titles; but, as with Natural History, they should not include people or man-made items (such as road signs or power cables) in the image. Zoo animals could be included, but should not show any indication of their captivity.