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Friday 12th October 2018

Mike's Bench

"A Year in the Life of Mike's Bench" is a wonderful exhibition currently being staged in the Visitor Centre, Stanley Park. Mike Foster was a former Gazette photographer who died of cancer in 2017. His partner, Elizabeth Gomm, bought a bench in his memory and placed it next to the lake in the park. She invited people to have their photograph taken sitting on the bench and email it in with a few thoughful words. About 300 people did just that over the year, including at least two of our own members. On display is Ann Crofts' mascot, Teddy, and his Canadian companion Peggy (pictured). These two also appeared on BBC Breakfast TV when the exhibition first opened. Craig Bevington's photo is also displayed in the show. The Exhibition is a superb celebration of life and is highly recommended.

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