Our Programme.

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Date Event
Sat 5th -
Fri 18th Aug 2023
Summer Exhibition in Poulton Library
Sep 7th 2023 "Review of the Year" - Gordon Jenkins Hon Life Vice-President PAGB, HonPAGB
Sep 14th 2023 Post-processing and Print Workshop
Sep 21st 2023 "My Father's Prints" - Graham Lee.
A look at the work of Past Chairman, Bert Lee ARPS
Sep 28th 2023 Triptych Challenge - Comments by Paul King
1st Competition : Final hand-in PDI-1 images
Oct 5th 2023"People & Mountains of North East Nepal and 18th Century Invasions" - Boyd Harris
Oct 12th 2023 L&CPU Folio
Oct 19th 2023 Results of the 1st Competition : PDI-1
Judge: Will Stead EFIAP CPAGB PSA 3
Oct 26th 2023 "Hares Today, Kingfishers Tomorrow" - Andy Stewart
Nov 2nd 2023"Composite Images" - Jane Lines MPAGB LRPS BPE5* AWPF
2nd Competition : Final hand-in Print-1 images
Nov 9th 2023 DPAGB Entries - Gill O'Meara DPAGB BPE3* & Richard O'Meara DPAGB BPE4*
Nov 15th 2023 4-way Battle - hosted by North Fylde (to be held at The Methodist Church Hall)
Nov 16th 2023 Set Subject #1: Single Subject, Multiple Compositions - Comments by TBA
Nov 23rd 2023 Results of the 2nd Competition : Print-1
Judge: David Butler MFIAP MPSA ARPS BPE5 Hon LCPU
Nov 30th 2023 "Talk to Me!" - Steve Proctor DPAGB BPE5 PPSA
Dec 7th 2023 Studio Portrait Workshop #1 - Martyn Mackie
3rd Competition : Final Hand-in PDI-2 images
Dec 11th 2023 (Monday) Christmas Social - Singleton Lodge
Dec 21st 2023 No Meeting - Merry Christmas
Dec 28th 2023 No Meeting - Happy New Year
Jan 4th 2024 Studio Portrait Workshop #2 - John Collier
Jan 11th 2024 Results of the 3rd Competition - PDI-2
Judge : Steve Proctor DPAGB BPE5 PPSA
Jan 18th 2024 "Why go for a Distinction? My Journey to ARPS" - Alan Cameron ARPS
Jan 25th 2024 Street & Documentary Photography - Garry Cook
4th Competition : Final Hand-in Print-2 images
Feb 1st 2024 Set Subject #2: Images Illustrating an Event - Comments by Paul King of North Fylde PS
Feb 8th 2024 The Nature Group Presents
Feb 15th 2024 Results of the 4th Competition - Print-2
Judge: Mike Lawrence AFIAP DPAGB Hon LCPU
Feb 22nd 2024 L&CPU Folio
Feb 29th 2024 Monochrome is not a Filter - Adrian Lines MPAGB FBPE ARPS EFIAP SPSA
5th Competition : Final Hand-in PDI-3 images
Mar 7th 2024 "Ymir's Bones" - Gary Waidson DPAGB HND
Mar 14th 2024 AV Sequence & Video Competition - Judge : Alistair Parker
Mar 21st 2024 Results of the 5th Competition - PDI-3
Mar 28th 2024 Maundy Thursday - Enjoy the Easter Break
Apr 4th 2024 L&CPU Folio
Apr 11th 2024 Set subject #3: Portrait Images - Comments by TBA
Apr 18th 2024 2023 London Salon of Photography exhibition awarded images and acceptances
Commentary by Leigh Preston FRPS EFIAP MPAGB

6th Competition : Final Hand-in Print-3 images
Apr 25th 2024 Chairman's Evening
May 2nd 2024 The PPS Photographic Outing
May 9th 2024 Results of the 6th Competition : Print-3
Judge: Sheila Giles DPAGBAV-AFIAP
May 16th 2024 "The Camera Phone: Is this the Future of Photography?" - Brian Law CPAGB ARPS
May 23rd 2024 "In His Element" - Mark Gilligan FBIPP
May 30th 2024 PPS Photographic Outing Images & Photo Trip Images
Jun 6th 2024 58th Annual General Meeting
  Summer Break
3rd - 16th August 2024 Summer Exhibition in Poulton Library, including the Residents' Competition
Sep 5th 2024 Another Season Begins

NB (P) = Prints : (PDI) = Projected Digital Images