Paul Cowan's Gallery

'Old Sam' by Paul Cowan
Christmas at Radio City
Manhatan Haze
Court House Steps
Herring Gull
Red Kite


I was interested in photography from an early age and got my first "proper" camera, an old Russian-made range finder at the age of 15, followed by an SLR a couple of years later. I have always liked black & white as a photographic style and in the "old days" I developed my own film and prints. However, I drifted away from photography for a few years, only regaining my interest in 2007 with the purchase of my first digital SLR. My fervour for photography has been fuelled in no small part by my membership of the Poulton Photographic Society, which I joined in 2012. Constructive feedback on my images, from members and judges in the internal competitions has been both useful and encouraging. I photograph a wide range of subjects but particularly like landscape, architecture and birds. I still retain my love of monochrome imagery, and whilst I like to get my images "right in camera", I really enjoy digital post processing techniques.