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  • 27th October 2023

    Richard with his Beano Annual

    Along with other award winners from the 2023 PAGB Inter-Club National Print Championship (as mentioned in the previous post) Richard O'Meara is shown here proudly holding his copy of the Beano Annual....

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  • 22nd October 2023

    Inter-Club National Print Championship.

    Poulton PS win the Plate at the PAGB Inter-Club National Print Championship. There were 37 clubs who qualified for the Inter-Club National Print Championship this year which took place yesterday in Blackburn. The initial round involved 12 prints from each club and they were scored by 3 judges. The...

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  • 9th October 2023

    The Bob Robinson Trophy

    PPS came third equal in the L&CPU's Bob Robinson Trophy (previously the novice cup). No-one with qualifications can enter. There were 23 clubs involved and each Club entered 8 images. They were analysed by Nick Hilton as he dismissed images in successive rounds. Wendy Martin's ‘Young Starling Di...

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