Our Club was formed following the 1966 Poulton Festival Week celebrations. A Photographic Competition had been organised as part of the cultural activities, and had attracted good support. Afterwards, a group of these enthusiasts got together, and formed the Society. The early roll-call was one of the most illustrious in the North-West. They included Ted Gray and Roger Goodwill, both lecturers in Photography at the Blackpool College, Baron Woods and Jake Loddington. The Club rapidly established its reputation in the L&CPU, and it won the Tansley Memorial Shield (for black and white photography, shown below) in only its second year of membership.

Poulton members provided lecturers and judges for other clubs in the area, and the reputation of the Society quickly spread.

The club logo, a lith image of the stocks in Poulton town centre, was designed by Jake Loddington in the early days of the Society's existence. He regarded his efforts as a temporary design and has recently expressed surprise that his symbol is still in use, more than forty years later.

In time, membership numbers out-grew our first meeting venue, the Luncheon Club, and so in 1975 we moved to the Geography Room of Poulton-le-Fylde College. This building is now the Civic Centre of Wyre Borough Council, on Breck Road, but was then a successful Teacher Training College:

When the college closed in 1982 the Photographic Society had to find an alternative meeting place, and it was at this time that we moved to our present premises in the Methodist Church on Queensway:

Throughout our history, the Thursday meetings of the Society have been remembered for their friendliness and good humour.

Long may the Club endure, to foster the spirit of Photography (or Imaging!) in Poulton-le-Fylde.