Changes to the original issue of the printed Syllabus Booklet (if any) are shown in yellow.
Aug 20th - Sept 9th
Summer Exhibition in Poulton Library, including Residents' Competition
Sep 1st 2011
New Members' Meeting : come along to learn more about the Society
Sep 8th 2011
Review of the Year - Roger Goodwill
Sep 15th 2011
Digital Critique Evening - Submit three images for critique
Sep 22nd 2011
John Wells FRPS - Creative, Contemporary and Inspirational (P)
Sep 29th 2011
Team Quiz
1st Quarterly and Accumulator Competition entries due.
Oct 6th 2011
Let's Make an AV Together - Sheila Davies DPAGB (DPI)
Oct 13th 2011
L&CPU Mono Folio
Oct 20th 2011
Photo Challenge (1) - Double Vision (P&DPI)
Oct 27th 2011
Results of the 1st Quarterly Competition.
Judge : Anthony Pioli ARPS ABPE
Nov 3rd 2011
4-way DPI Battle - Hosts : Poulton PS
Nov 4th 2011 (Fri)
Joint Fylde - DPI Match / Knockout Competition
at The Shippon, Breck Road, Poulton. (Lytham St Annes PS to host)
Nov 10th 2011
Entering International Competitions - Everything you wanted to know
Nov 17th 2011
L&CPU Colour Portfolio
Nov 24th 2011
AV Competition. Judge : John Smith APAGB CPAGB
Dec 1st 2011
Laptop Evening - bring your laptop - Photoshop for all abilities
2nd Quarterly Competition entries due.
Dec 8th 2011
Christmas Social (change)
Dec 15th 2011
Paula & Guy Davies - Double Act - Sponsored by Permajet (P) (change)
Dec 22nd-29th 2011
No Meetings - enjoy your Christmas
Jan 5th 2012
Digital Knockout Challenge - 10 versions of the same image
(Instructions will be circulated later)
Jan 12th 2012
Results of the 2nd Quarterly Competition
Judge : Gordon Jenkins APAGB
Jan 13th 2012 (Fri)
Joint Fylde - Audio-Visual Evening at The Shippon, Breck Road, Poulton
(Poulton PS to host)
Jan 19th 2012
L&CPU Digital Projected Image Portfolio (DPI)
Jan 26th 2012
Practical Wildlife Photography
Feb 2nd 2012
Southport Exhibition Digital Images (DPI)
3rd Quarterly Competition entries due.
Feb 9th 2012
Photo Challenge (2) - Reflections (P&DPI)
Feb 10th 2012 (Fri)
Joint Fylde Print & DPI Battle
at The Shippon, Breck Road, Poulton. (HASSRA PS to host)
Feb 16th 2012
Tony & Denise Collier - Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons (DPI)
Feb 23rd 2012
L&CPU Documentary Folio
Mar 1st 2012
Results of the 3rd Quarterly Competition
Judge : Tillman Kleinhans ARPS EFIAP DPAGB
Mar 8th 2012
Simon Gardiner - Street Photography & My Way with Photoshop (DPI)
Mar 15th 2012
RPS Nature Group Digital Exhibition (DPI)
Mar 22nd 2012
Publish a Photobook - How to get the best from Blurb
Mar 29th 2012
FIAP Digital Images (DPI)
4th Quarterly Competition entries due.
Apr 5th 2012
Maundy Thursday - No Meeting
Apr 12th 2012
Triptych Competition (P&DPI)
Apr 19th 2012
Members' Evening - PPS has talent !
Apr 26th 2012
Results of the 4th Quarterly Competition
Judge : Andrew Brochwicz-Lewinski ARPS
May 3rd 2012
Quarterly Accumulator Results (DPI)
May 10th 2012
Photo Challenge (3) - Look UP Look DOWN (P&DPI)
May 17th 2012
Chairman's Evening - Christine Widdall AFIAP DPAGB BPE3* (DPI)
May 24th 2012
Tom Charles Wildlife Photography - Provisional Booking (DPI)
May 31st 2012
Poulton Walk About Challenge
Meet as usual to receive instructions. (Also Exhibition Set-up Day)
Jun 1st 2012 (Fri)
Jun 4th 2012 (Mon)
Presentation evening
Jun 7th 2012
Results of Poulton Walk About Challenge (DPI)
Jun 9th 2012 (Sat)
Jun 14th 2012
Annual General Meeting
Jun 21st 2012
Photographic Treasure Hunt
During the Summer the Society continues to meet informally with visits to local
(and not so local) beauty spots. All members are welcome.
Thursdays 6:30 start from the Teanlowe car park.
18 Aug - 1 Sep 2012
Summer Exhibition in Poulton Library, including Residents' Competition
Aug 30th 2012
Informal meeting for new members
Sep 6th 2012
First Full Evening
NB (P) = Prints : (DPI) = Digital Projected Images : (S) = Slides